Monday, April 7, 2014

Amazing Astral Allies - Intentional Dream Work and Healing Retreat, in Methow Valley, WA - Sept 2015

Wendy R Wolf and Lynn Brown are hosting a unique weekend in Methow Valley.

Come learn how to be more intentional with the Astral Body.
We will have great food, free time in nature, and
receive Astral Body healings and body work/massage.

Start your intentional Astral dreaming now!

Please plan for this amazing opportunity:
Thursday, September 24th evening - 27th Sunday noon;
East of the North Cascades - about 3.5 - 4 hours from Seattle. 

We will focus on:
  • Healing & Owning our 3rd chakra, Personal Power, Energy Distribution & Will, Astral Experience, Astral Memory, Astral Body-care.
  • AND we will balance all this with lots of Play & Physical Body Care!  
  • You will have many opportunities to enjoy Beautiful Momma Nature, share stories and deepen relationships with amazing healers, meet and contribute to local folks… 
  • As well as receive at least 1 hour of Delicious Body Work and at least 1.5 hours of Life-Changing Energy Healing/Reading.

Please be in touch with Wendy (e-mail, 206-853-8603) to say you are interested!

Then Drop your cash payment to the Blue House (give to a teacher to put in Wendy’s box)
OR send a check made out to Wendy to:

Wendy R Wolf
c/o Psychic Awakenings
700 Warren Ave N
Seattle WA 98109

In Life, Wendy

Contact me for a beautiful flier!

More about Astral Ally's - Intentional Dream Work and Healing

We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives asleep, yet most of us are not utilizing this time intentionally, thus not leveraging 1/3 of our life.

Come learn how to be more intentional with the Astral Body, give healings, get healings while soaking in information.

3 reasons you will want to start leveraging this realm!!!
a.    Personal problems and underlying worries can be “lived out” and resolved during sleep.
b. Much active healing work is done by Astral Projection, enabling the healer to become closer to the origins of disease, and avoid "blockages".
c.    A clearer and more objective viewpoint can be gleaned by "looking down" from a higher level than the present personality is able to sustain. Even though we may not seem to remember this, there is often a definite change of attitude after such experience.

Start using your astral experiences as an ally in LIFE by discovering information, experiences, unique energy, and friends that are out of this world.
* Open to more healing experiences on the Astral
* Open to remembering more as well as bringing GIFTS of your Astral experience into your waking life.
* Learn intentional dreaming

Location: Brown Bear Lodge
1965 Hwy 153, Carlton, WA 98814

Events You Can Enjoy:
*Fun indoor and outdoor activities
*Delicious meals and snacks
*Body/energy work as a part of your experience
* Receive Astral Body healings.

$1,100 Value
Early Bird Price:
$297 if you are a healer/body worker and will donate 3 hours of healing time toward the group.
$497 if you just want to participate and receive.
*$150 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot. The rest is due by September 15th.

Payment Details:
Early birds who register before September 1st with a $150 non refundable deposit will pay prices listed.
ALL registrations after September 1st will be an additional $75 and need to be paid in full.

To Register: contact Wendy

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