Thursday, April 24, 2014

Samples of Meditation Workshops

Schedule for your Group, Organization, Business, Family...
Below are samples of some of the Meditation Workshops that have been very well received.

They can be targeted to your purpose and within your time-constraints.
The following were 2-2.5 hours, unless otherwise noted.  Open to beginners, and useful for all:

Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit

The River or the Rocks? Choose!

The Heart: Integrating Spirit & Body with Affinity

See for Yourself: Tools for Safely Opening YOUR Clairvoyance

Accepting What IS: Key to Loving our Lives, AND Creating Change

Turn Up Your Creative Energy!

Recovering What was Lost: Using the Energy of Anger to Heal Ourselves.

Body Awareness

God-of-Your-Heart: Your Direct Relationship with Spirit
Align with God - Let the Light IN

Women's Intuition and Healing
Women's Clinic: Bring your Dreams to Reality with Female Creative Energy 
Special Women's Meditation and Healing: Love and Nurture Yourself! 

2-part series on Manifesting - or either stands alone
The Secret behind 'The Secret': Creating the Life you Desire
BEing the Love you Want: Let IN what you Desire

Soul Technology for Abundance and Consciously Creating in your Life! - 4 hour

Healing circle with general or specific focus:
Healing Circle with Mother Mary: Healing Trauma in Our World
'Heal Your World' Meditation Workshop & Healing Circle

With Ascended Masters:
Meditation & Healing with Ascended Master Ganesh
Ascended Master Ganesh says, "Walk your own Way"

Working With the Ascended Masters: Mother Mary
Enjoy your Inner Wholeness: Practice operating from your Center with Mother Mary 

Raising our Vibration with Ascended Master, Buddha
BEing Clear with Ascended Master, Buddha

Allow Joy & Ease:  Meditation & Healing Workshop with Ascended Master Theresa
Give Yourself Permission: Create & Own Your Life with Ascended Master Theresa
Ascended Master Theresa on LOVE!

Say YES! to Healing, Growth, Learning & Change with Ascended Master Lemar

Transformation with Ease & Grace, with Anna-Lei-He

Master Sabrina says, “Create your world, like a child playing in a sandbox!"

Ascended Master Kwan Yin says “I will teach them to be Free."

Your Exciting Life: Be Supported in Safety, Comfort, Ease w/ Ascended Master Violet

Ascended Master Red Dragon: An Ally in our Abundance and Conscious Creation
Live an Empowered Life with Ascended Master, the Red Dragon:  Owning our Space with Anger, Clearing Victim energy & Habits

Conscious Creation: Manifesting with Ascended Master Jagina

Meditation & Healing with Master Jesus
Start your New Year at GOLD, with Ascended Master Jesus

Specifically For Christians:   Meditation with Jesus: Aligning with God

Women's Night: BEing with Mother Earth and Easeful Creating, with Ancient Venus

Women's Spiritual Healing Clinic
Spiritual Reading Clinic
Spiritual Healing Clinic
Reading & Healings! Psychic Fair or Party Reading/Healing - 15+ minutes per participant

Longer Offerings:

Basic Classes:
SoulTools Class - up to 30 hours
Healing Class - up to 35 hours

Advanced class, building on the above:
Clairvoyant Training Program - up to 250 hours

Post-Clairvoyant Training Classes:
Advanced Healers Program - up to 70 hours
Advanced Body-Spirit Relationship Program - up to 70 hours

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