Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Open to YOUR own Soul Senses & Spiritual Abilities

YOU can access your own spiritual information, for yourself and to assist others.

We are ALL spirit, a part of the Divine.
We can ALL see, hear, know, feel & heal spiritually/energetically.

Uncover YOUR soul senses and abilities.
Enjoy your own spiritual freedom, creativity and power!

In Psychic Development, we focus on Opening to our Clairvoyance:

Clairvoyance is clear, spiritual sight. It is a key to Spiritual Perspective

- Learn to make clearer decisions, know your own path more deeply, and be less torqued by the emotional pulls of the world. Understand yourself and the world around you more.  Be a healing presence.

- Learn and practice spiritual techniques that you can use to safely open your clairvoyance, develop non-judgment, open to healing for yourself & others,  and consciously create your life. These simple, powerful techniques can help you gain more of your spiritual perspective.

- Practice meditation to continue your awakening as spirit, to continue to master your clairvoyance, and to cleanse and own your energy system.

I love this exciting adventure, I bet you will too!

Best to you on your unique journey!  


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