Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Open to Momma Nature - day-long retreat

Open to Momma Nature - a part of our Conscious Embodiment Journey - ho ho!

Here is the info, for our day-long retreat, at
Mountain Loop Highway.
It takes about 1.5 hours from Ballard to get where we will meet.

Put this in your Map/GPS: Verlot, WA
- there is a forest service building on left in Verlot - you can get your pass there if you want (or just park on road - may have to walk)

From the Verlot Public Service Center (11 miles east of Granite Falls, WA)
drive the Mt. Loop Highway east for 7 miles to the Youth on Age Trailhead.
It will be on the right, just past Red Bridge (just past Red Bridge Campground ; )

This parking lot is now closed, so park on the right-hand-side, 100 ft before the lot.

I will meet you in parking lot, please be on time.

We will invest-in structured activities for 8 hours.
We will do some group stuff, then go out into nature - nearby or farther away if you are comfortable - on your own.
You will eat/drink, move/rest, as your rhythms lead you.
We will explore a couple different areas, going together in one car, hopefully.

Please stay as much as you would like before or after our activities - to be laid-back, do nothing... read, write, be, sleep by river, get wet, maybe some hiking...


going here to meet and camp (we will go some other places for activities - but this is center of operation ; )


During our activities will be doing food easy, no cook. That is my plan for the whole time - You can bring cooler, stove, whatever you want - that is great.

BRING for the Day (or overnight)

I plan to stay overnight afterwards, and I am happy to support you to do that, as well.
I have equipment you can borrow, if needed, tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, etc. (ask)

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