Monday, April 21, 2014

Group Learning at SoulTech

Take charge of your personal space - cleanse and own your energy system.

Focus clearly inside yourself and in your world.

Open to healing within yourself and in your word - spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Gain confidence in your spiritual information - Know your truth for yourself.

Consciously co-create your life.

Rest in the Flow of Life;  Savor your Dance with Divinity.

Group Learning:


Beginner courses focus on tools & distinctions to serve your Meditation and Healing, inviting you to:
  • the next level in your Meditation Practice:  facilitating your ability to focus & be present in the driver's seat of your life.
  • comfortably & safely support your own & others' wellness & development.
Advanced Training focuses on developing your OWN spiritual senses / Psychic Abilities and gifts.

The POINT of ALL this training/practice is to give you more Inner Resources
     the Energy Techniques, Support, and 'Muscle', so you can:

  Gain WISDOM and LEVERAGE in your ‘inner’ life:
      CONNECT to who YOU really are
        and DEEPEN connection with SPIRIT.

          And from there ENJOY:
              in your ‘outer’ life, as well.

Get a feel for Group Learning, what it is like to work with me, and WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.  Peruse some of the feedback I am honored to receive: Beginning Students' Testimonials.

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