Monday, April 28, 2014

This Adventure is Not for Everyone

Let's be clear: this ministry, this healing and transformation path, this adventure is not for everyone:
  • It is internally-based, and that is not always popular in this physically-focused world.  We have been trained to focus outside ourselves for our identity, and for health, wealth, love, happiness... But everything we are and everything we want lies within us, and from there is found outside us.
  • It is about healing our deep wounds - so gnarly issues resurface, stuff that most of us don't want to deal with - who in their right-mind would!  Except: Where we trip is our Treasure - under the pain, fear, and stuck-ness in our space lies parts of ourselves we have lost, parts of our journey we have eschewed, jewels of wisdom and Glory that make life worth Living! 
  • It is about turning the Titanic, not rearranging deck-chairs - it is about noticing our ingrained internal habits, limits & lies... and shifting them - so, sometimes it takes time and attention to manifest the changes we desire.
  • It is not about GIVING you healing or Answers or how to Live your life - it is about equipping you to do this for yourself!  Spiritually growing-up is sometimes a challenging endeavor!  Sure you get tools, training, inspiration & support; sure you get community if you want it... you can even learn to assist others in powerful ways (that help you to help yourself).  But in the end, you go yourself to your Source for your own Light, your own Way, your own Truth, your own Life - or you miss the Blessings.
I wish it were different.
My lazy-self would prefer to take a pill, win the lottery, get a relationship, find a job, adhere to a belief-system that would FIX-me, make me happy and successful - forever, amen.

But there is no such thing.
It is a lie.
And anyone who tries to tell you differently, is not telling you the truth.

If you want to believe these lies, avoid your inner-life, pretend that something outside you can make you feel good forever; someone else can fix you, do your work for you...

Then this path is not for you.
Please go elsewhere and don't waste one more minute here.

But, If you are willing to change, willing to be open, willing to practice:
  • getting quiet inside yourself,
  • taking charge in your space, and
  • investing in yourself, your life, your healing, your path, your Source, your relationship with All your Relations… 
Then, You WILL be SO Blessed - because Where we trip is our Treasure!
In the long-run, it is A Blessing to us that the short-cuts, and work-arounds do not work.
Because it is a JOY and Privilege to:
  • put on our big-kid pants and
  • do the soul work that is uniquely our calling. 
  • To align with our Source, become ourselves and shift this reality!

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