Friday, April 4, 2014

About Heal Grow Shine: BE your Potential

Established in 2005, Heal Grow Shine: BE Your Potential serves Groups & Individuals in Seattle (Ballard);  NJ Shore 3 times per year; and your location, by invitation.

This work is spiritual in nature and aims to bring each of us to consciousness of our own power and light.
We heal, change and grow to be more at ease in our bodies, our lives and our spiritual being.

Soul Technology, SoulTech is the backbone of our work - initially in Meditation, and then in Action in our lives as well.  Instruction is offered in individualized and group tracks.

Leveraging spiritual tools allows changes in life that would be otherwise unimaginable.
Practical, real-life spirituality; the ability to access spiritual power for our own positive change, right here and now.

SoulTech serves us at any stage of our soul's journey.
Helped whether consciously suffering, or already on an active spiritual path and seeking the next level in spiritual deepening, or in life.

SoulTech is the work of Founder, Wendy R. Wolf, a trusted Healer, Soul Transformation Facilitator, and Leader of an amazing team of Healers that can inspire & support your Transformation!

Wendy sought training in meditation, healing, and psychic development during recovery from prolonged chronic illness. Applying spiritual tools, she found much more than relief from physical symptoms. Allowing healing and transformation for herself and her life, she set out to share these life-changing gifts with others.

Want to read more?
Try: About Wendy


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