Friday, April 25, 2014

Shared agreements for Circle

We are creating our safe, comfortable container – our shared values…

We are each Adults and we are responsible for ourselves, we keep our agreements:

- confidentiality
  • no gossip
  • no talking about others or their life with any possible reference to them, only focus on our own healing
- focus on self rather than fixing others
  • no cross-talk, keep eyes on own page,
  • useful to say “matching pictures”, “speaks to me”
- choosing to be brave and gently gently pushing our own edges… Gently.

- law of 2 feet – your body, your soul, your life – take care of yourself – body & soul – as needed.

- assume positive intent (our circle–mates aren't being bratty or thoughtless on purpose)

- be ready, present and engaged

Throughout the course, without the need for continual reminders, we will be:

- coming in physically and energetically Ready: intending to be owning & cleansing our space and our shared space – before we even start

- playing full-out: intending to stay present and focused for the meeting; physically and spiritually caring for ourselves and ready to be present with others.

- utilizing our tools: running energy, blowing pictures, etc; intending to deal with our stuff consciously within our own space.

- cleaning–out our space and our shared space, blowing matching pictures, and making separations for ourselves/with others who are available – when we leave.

- through the end of the course, and beyond, utilizing our own personal meditations and interactions with our circle–mates, and other trusted healers – heal and leverage the stuff that comes up for us:
  • Issues around content, personalities, leadership.
  • If I am stuck on it, it isn't about Them, it is about Me.
    • So I deal with it, within me - with help, as needed.
    • Then I talk to, work–it–out with others, as appropriate: ;}

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