Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Open to Healing - Invest in Private Sessions

Deep Healing for you:  Welcome your physical, emotional, relational, spiritual shift.

Open to Healing on all levels: your inner life... and the Rest of your life.

    All healing comes from within. 
And, at the same time, I can assist you with the energetic / spiritual issues that get in the way of your full health, creativity, power and self-expression.

    Sometimes we have habits, emotions, beliefs, and other energies in our space that keep us from: 

  • seeing clearly inside & outside ourselves
  • and being able to consciously make change in our lives.
    Healing is change. 
Notice for yourself where you would like to make change in your life, write it down.  
We will look at these issues and I support you to heal them.


Private Healing Avenues:

Healing / Reading
: You will see yourself and your life more clearly, as well as heal and change in the direction of your desires.

Hands ON Healing: Healing Energy & Body Work Sessions.  For body-focused challenges: pain, tension, range-of-motion issues... or just plain-old relaxation & TLC.

Soul Practices

Meditation Training
Training in Internal Tools: Focus & Leverage your Energy, Attention & Intention.
Guided Meditation
:  Put your Internal tools into action in your system; practice and build internal muscle.

Healing Facilitation
Deep Healing for you: Welcome your physical, emotional, relational, spiritual shift.
Developing as a Healer: Create a safe space for yourself & others to heal & flower.

Psychic Development
Spiritual Feedback: Allow your life to blossom: Information, Validation, Support for you.
Developing Psychically: Comfortably utilize your OWN Spiritual / Soul-Senses

Manifestation Coaching
Inner-directed Coaching:  BE the Change you want to see in your world.
Conscious co-Creation:  Come to your Spiritual Maturity, bear delicious Fruit in your world

Spiritual Direction & Counseling
Spiritual Inspiration:  Validation, Nurturing for your Unique Spiritual Journey.
Deepen your Relationship with Spirit:  Hear, See, Know, Perceive and Receive from the God of your Heart.

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